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Here, we showcase the dynamic and diverse range of clubs that have joined forces with Sport21. From handball champions to rising stars in beach volleyball, each partner brings a unique story and a shared passion for excellence in sports. As you browse through our list, you’ll find a mosaic of talent and commitment, spanning various sports and countries. These partnerships bring together athletes, fans, and sports enthusiasts under one roof.

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Creating Winning Collaborations

Hypo Niederösterreich Handball

Handball Club

Hypo Niederösterreich, a women’s handball club based in Maria Enzersdorf, Austria, is renowned for being one of Europe’s most successful teams. Dominating the Austrian league with an unparalleled record of 39 consecutive national championships and also achieving significant international success, Hypo Niederösterreich won the EHF Champions League eight times between 1989 and 2000.

Handballclub WAT Fivers Margareten

Handball Club

The FIVERS handball club, established in 1894 is recognized as Vienna’s oldest, underwent a significant transformation in 2003. This change included a new home in Margareten’s sports hall and a complete rebranding led by Hannes Rausch. The club’s new identity is symbolized by a unique logo featuring a ‘five’ with a star, representing its strong connection to Vienna’s fifth district. Emphasizing this identity, all FIVERS players’ jerseys incorporate the number ‘5’, a distinctive feature that sets the club apart in the handball community.

SKN St.Pölten Basketball

Basketball Club

SKN St. Pölten Basketball, originally founded as UKJ St. Pölten in 1955, has a rich history in Austrian basketball, marked by significant success in the 1990s with six national championships and three cup victories. Known for its strong youth development, the club faced challenges in 2007 but reemerged as UBC St. Pölten, rapidly climbing the ranks in Austria’s second division. Now part of the SKN St. Pölten sports brand, the club continues to be a formidable force in Austrian basketball, especially in youth training and development.

UHC Tulln

Handball Club

The UHC Tulln is an Austrian handball team based in Tulln. Founded in early 1946 by young returnees from the war, the club played a significant role in popularizing handball in the region. Notably, the women’s team emerged as the most successful during the club’s early years. The club’s men’s team competes in the HLA, while the women’s team has participated in the Women Handball Austria league. UHC Tulln has a history of success, including winning the Austrian Cup in the 1997/1998, 2003/2004, and 2006/2007 seasons.

 WAT Fünfhaus Männer Handball 

Handball Club

WAT Fünfhaus is a historic handball club celebrated for its competitive teams across all ages, including a notable women’s team, and strong youth development. Central to their success is the passionate support from the RED BLOCK, their dedicated fanbase. With a 100-year legacy, numerous championships, and a significant online presence, the club is a prominent figure in Austrian handball.

Union St.Pölten Frauen

Handball Club

SKN St. Pölten, primarily known for its football divisions, also features a successful women’s handball team that competes in the ÖFB Frauen-Bundesliga. This division of the club demonstrates SKN St. Pölten’s commitment to promoting women’s sports and fostering talent in handball at a competitive level.

Die Falken

Handball Club

Die Falken, a handball team from St. Pölten, competes in the HLA Challenge, the second-highest league in Austria. Known for their determination and team spirit, Die Falken has a mix of experienced players and promising talents. The team consistently shows resilience and a fighting spirit in their matches.

WAT Brigittenau

Handball Club

WAT Brigittenau is a dynamic handball club known for its active participation in various competitions and a strong focus on youth development. They offer regular training sessions for different age groups, emphasizing the fun and team-building aspects of handball.

 Handballclub Eggenbug 

Handball Club

Handballclub Eggenburg, established nearly 50 years ago in the small Austrian town of Eggenburg, has a history marked by resilience and community spirit. Originally playing on football fields and later transitioning to indoor handball, the club thrived despite limited resources and challenging post-World War II conditions. The dedication of local athletes has been crucial to the club’s enduring success in a town of just 3,500 residents.

SC Maccabi Fußball

Fußball Club

SC Maccabi Wien, part of the global Maccabi Sports Movement, was established in the early 20th century for Jews who were excluded from sports clubs in Europe. More than just a sports club, it’s a symbol of Jewish culture and life in Austria and Europe, celebrating Jewish traditions and fostering harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures. The club welcomes athletes from all backgrounds, promoting respect and cultural integration.

FOX Soccer Academy

Fußball Club

Fox Soccer Academy, founded by Premier League winner Christian Fuchs, offers advanced soccer training for youth aged 3 to 19. The academy focuses on personal development and competitive play, using a Premier League curriculum and UEFA/USSF licensed coaching. It includes a scholarship program, FSA PRO, for exposure to professional clubs and scouts.

Kick it Like Niki

Fußball Club

Niki Pavlek, a former professional football player, is a coach known for his skill-focused training philosophy. With a career that began at Dinamo Zagreb and included various Austrian clubs, he now runs a football school emphasizing technique, agility, and ball handling. His training, suitable for children from age six, offers both group and individual sessions, tailored to enhance players’ on-field performance.

Danube Dragons American Football

American Football Club

The Danube Dragons, established in 1985 in Vienna, are a prominent Austrian Football League team. Known for their green and white colors, they’ve won the Austrian Bowl in 2010, 2022, and 2023. Initially named Klosterneuburg Mercenaries, they play at Stadion SR Donaufeld and have a strong youth development program and a successful cheerleading team, the Flames.

Flag Knights

Rugby Club

Flag Knights, founded in 2009 as part of the Vienna Knights, is a Flag Football team with a focus on youth development. They introduce children as young as 6 to Flag Football and emphasize teamwork, basic skills, and the joy of the sport across various age groups in the FLJ league. Their philosophy prioritizes fun, teamwork, and mutual respect over pure competitiveness.

 Perchtoldsdorf Devils Handball

Handball Club

Perchtoldsdorf Devils Handball is a handball club based in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria. They have teams in various categories, including Woman Bundesliga, Woman FL, Männerliga, Männerklasse, and Youth.

 Vienna Celtics Rugby

Rugby Club

Vienna Celtic Rugby Football Club, founded in 1978, is the oldest rugby club in Austria, based in Vienna. Known for its championship victory in Austria’s top men’s division and a strong commitment to youth training. With diverse teams including men’s, women’s, and youth squads, Vienna Celtic is renowned for its inclusive and international environment, reflecting its Celtic heritage and dedication to the sport.

 UHC Admira Wien Handball

Handball Club

UHC Admira Wien, originally part of SC Union Landhaus, is a women’s and girls’ handball club in Vienna, catering from primary school age onwards. Established in 1940, the club has a rich history in Austrian handball, including multiple national championships and participation in European competitions. UHC Admira Wien is a member of the Austrian Handball Federation and Vienna Handball Association.

Klaffinger & Köstler Beachvolleyball


Klaffinger Marian and Köstler Georg are an established beach volleyball pair competing in the Österreichische Beachvolleyball-Meisterschaft, Austria’s national beach volleyball championship. Off the court, they have formed a partnership with Sport21, a sports shop in Vienna, which supports them in their endeavors.


RK Porec

Handball Club

RK Poreč is a prominent Croatian handball club with a rich history dating back to 1954 when the sport of handball first began in Poreč. Officially founded in 1968, the club has steadily risen through the ranks of Croatian handball. In 2005, RK Poreč achieved a significant milestone by entering the Premier League, cementing their status as a key player in Croatian handball.

MRK Cakovec

Handball Club

MRK “Čakovec”, founded in May 2013, is a prominent men’s handball club based in Čakovec, Croatia. As the city’s only men’s handball team, it boasts over 100 members and caters to all age groups, including a handball school. With a vision to lead in the region and a mission centered on popularizing and professionally developing handball, MRK “Čakovec” is dedicated to enhancing the sport’s presence in Čakovec and Međimurje County.

 OK Plavi Peklenica Volleyball

Volleyball Club

OK Plavi Peklenica is a Croatian volleyball club based in Peklenica, Međimurska County. Established in 1971, and formally registered on October 1, 2019, the club has become a central part of the local volleyball scene. OK Plavi Peklenica fields several teams, including senior men’s and women’s teams, along with younger cadet divisions for girls, catering to various age groups.

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